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My Awards

Movie/Television Music Videos
Video Game & Anime Music Videos

Special awards

10th Man Down


Big Wheel

Brigitte's Pain


Colossal Requiem

The Corpse Bride

Dahlia's Misery

Deliver Me

The End of Fantasy

Enjoy the Silence

Fear the Nightmare

For the one you Love

Ginger - To the Limit

Her Ghost in the Fog

The Ice Queen

I Will Be Waiting

The Journey to Paradise

Just in a Dream

The Kinslayer

Living For


Music of Lunar


Nightmare or Reality

No Fear

Phantom's Love Score

The Phantom's Obsession

Precious Things

Real Love is Forever

The Rest of my Life

Return to Life

Shaun's Requiem

Snake - The Hero

Somewhere We'll Meet Again

Suicidal Dream

This is Not The End

Trying to Escape the Wolf Within