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Here you will find all the videos I made dedicated to musicians. For the time being I only have two, but there are a few others I have planned. So stay turned for more.

Big Wheel
My submission to the"Big Wheel" video contest.

Precious Things (Tori Amos tribute)
A video tribute of Tori Amos to her song "Precious Things."

Sugar (Tori Amos tribute)
A tribute to Tori Amos showing her 15 years of wonderful music. "Sugar"

A little more info about the Sugar tribute. This has got to be the most complicated video I have ever worked on. I didn't wanna make it your everyday random clips to a song blah blah blah. The video focuses more on the syncing of the clips to the music and lipsync, which I tell you was a bitch. It took me over a month to finish this video, but hell I think it was so worth it in the end. There are only three clips of live performances of the song thrown in the mix, but the rest of the clips consisit of clips from other songs. I hope I did a worthy job. Enjoy!